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Web site design company with professional web designers for website designing and web developers for web development.
Web site design company with professional web designers for website designing and web developers for web development.

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CD Presentation

Flash Presentation - Make your presentations sell better !

If you are looking for a dramatic way to lift your presentation skills, our Customised Presentation CDs can achieve this in a Flash ! Quite literally, we use the power of Flash to add more power, action and sound to your

CD presentations.

Whether it is a corporate presentation for a conference or the board; a concept presentation for the project bankers or a no-nonsense marketing presentation showcasing all your brands, nothing works better than a Flash Presentation CD that combines the power of voice, sound, images, animation - even video clips ! In fact, it adds more life and detail to your communication, no matter where and how you use it. Your customised Presentation CD is multipurpose - slide it inside your brochure, flash it on your web-site or simply carry it on your lap top ! Moreover, customised CD presentations work much better and economical, if you have a vast variety of products/services to show or detailed information to share.


  • Customised Flash Presentation CDs with Intro, Graphic navigation, voice overs, sound and animation.
  • Special versions for on-line product catalogs, product/service demos, business presentations, trade fairs / exhibitions, press shows, etc.
  • Special card-size Mini Presentation CDs for mass / promotional distribution.
  • Customised CD surface printing to incorporate brand/customer logo, message, contact information, etc.
  • Web adaptations for hosting the customised CD presentation on your web-site.
  • Provision for high-resolution and high-definition visuals and movie-clips, which is generally difficult on the web.
  • Global reputation as preferred Indian developer for a number of international organization based in USA, UK, Belgium and Netherlands
  • Popular as a one-stop solutions provider for many international marketing consultants
  • Professional team of experts covering all aspect of outsourcing requirements
  • Unmatched development , maintenance and management skills
  • Dedicated team, committed to schedules and deadlines
  • Choice of JSP, PHP and JavaScript
  • Choice of database format like MySQL and MsSQL