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Web site design company with professional web designers for website designing and web developers for web development.
Web site design company with professional web designers for website designing and web developers for web development.

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Blog Design and Integration

Some golden rules to attract more visitors and generate new business queries are:

Rule 1:
Nobody comes on your website to buy something; they come on your website to know something

The second rule follows from the RULE 1…

Rule 2:
Educate and Earn

Gone are the days when one could just pickup information from a brochure and publish the same into a website, or just play around with the content without worrying about the media. Visitors are no longer interested or enthused by getting the same run-off-the-mill information about your products and services. Hence, you need to standout and be visible in this crowded digital marketplace.

Visitors do not want to read more, but, at the same time, they want to know more!

  • Application of your product / services to their problem
  • Best use of your products or services to increase their profitability
  • The Unique and Innovative process you use, vis-à-vis the industry you cater to
  • How are you attending to the common problems faced by the clients of your industry?
  • Are you providing them free consultancy?

Apart from a professional website, you also need to update useful, informative and educative content for your prospective buyer. More content will also help your site feature prominently at the top of the search engine results - because search engines readily lap up fresh content.

While this kind of additional non-direct information might not generate direct revenues, it sure might require many frequent updates, including the services of a web designer for creating new webpages and uploading the information. Hence, it might not be a financially feasible option.

Therefore, we recommend incorporating a blog into your website. A blog (web log) allows you to add content on your own, without the need to design webpages or host them manually.

If a blog seems a little too technical for your readers, it can be embedded into your website under the head called “Resources” or “Knowledge Base” (instead of the typical term 'Blog').

Blog Design and Integration at Image Online

At Image Online, we suggest the best Open Source Blog for you. We design, modify & Replace a standard blog template so that it looks and functions just like your website design. We share complete font, color and alignment guidelines so that your blog looks like an extension of your website. We also provide you the basic training and handhold you till you successfully post your own first blog!

Write to us and tell us about your business or profession. We will help you evaluate if your business can benefit by incorporating a blog into your website.

“They promise you the moon - and then go ahead and deliver it. Creativity with professionalism and accountability is a rare trait and Image Online has got lots of it.“
Mr. Mahavir Chopra