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Leverage the Power of WordPress for Agile, Cost-effective and Customised Outcomes

WordPress - what started as a platform for writing online diaries (or blogs) has today become the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) for site owners & WordPress Developer It is used by almost 60% websites and more sites are being added on this platform every minute!

Some of the reasons for the widespread popularity and adoption by WordPress Developer:
  • Free codes - Download, Install, and Deploy
  • Countless ready-made templates with bundled plugins
  • Thousands of standalone plugins
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Low web development and infrastructure cost
  • Free Design Upgrades

The platform is perfect but the way it is offered is a concern. Since it is a ready-to-use solution, it has become unsecured, complex, and slow. Still, several WordPress Developer charge a bomb for their projects, while they actually buy templates at dirt cheap prices.

While it is logical to not reinvent the wheel (WordPress web Development code in this case), how does one remain unique? With 60% websites developed by WordPress Website Development Company using the same platform and using similar looking templates, how does an organisation, with its unique corporate identity, manage to stand-out in the online clutter? The answer is to engage a resourceful and techno-creative WordPress Developer and not a template-wielding, freelance web designer with limited resources. No wonder he is offering his services at throwaway prices.

However, Content Management System (CMS) is not required for every project. Before you start, ask your designer these questions:

Do I really need a CMS? If the answer is Yes:

  • Is WordPress really the right platform for your needs?
  • Which pages/ modules in your website are static elements, where are the dynamic ones?
  • Do you make simple textual or graphical edits/ updates? How often?

At Image Online, WordPress website development Company we work on open source technology to maintain the client’s unique corporate identity. We understand what can work for you and our goal is to guide you towards the best quality, cost-effective solution. We understand WordPress web development better than most and are here to guide you. Based on your needs, we will customise WordPress because we do not believe in manipulating a brief to fit a WordPress theme.

Process For WordPress Website Development Services

  • Complete requirement study of the content you want to publish
  • List down static part of content and dynamic part of content while WordPress Web Development
  • Segregate textual and graphical content
  • Create unique WordPress website Design based on your complete corporate identity
  • Incorporate unique design in the form of WordPress template
  • Add content using WordPress CMS / Content Management System
  • Provide training to add/ edit content while maintaining the design elements
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