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The world is indeed flat. Thanks to the Internet, geography is now history. Traditional barriers to business entry are gone, and we are winning orders from anywhere in the world. If your products or services are ready to be adopted in any part of the world, no one can stop you from reaching there. This means that almost all businesses, producing standard products with fixed prices, have started offering them online.

The printing industry also wanted to join the revolution and adopted a new way of selling prints- Online Printing. But the biggest challenge is that every print product has different print specifications and prices vary as per each specification.

For example, in the case of web to print powered online printing consumers need to select Quantity, Paper Quality, Front/ Back printing, special effects like finishing, spot lamination and special cutting, etc. Based on these parameters, the weight of the package (for shipping) is to be generated automatically, so that the final amount can included in the shipping cost.

Other challenges are that these customised print products are not ready and go through a complete process which requires 3-7 days for final printing. If any one of the specifications is missed, the job can be rejected, and this is treated as a total waste because something that you custom print for one client cannot be used for any other client.

Invention of digital printing added countless products in corporate, retail, and personalised photo gifting printing market. There is a new world of on demand printing where you can get the minimum quantity as per your need. Unlike with offset printing where you have to order for minimum of 500 prints, now you can even order as low as 100 through digital printing.

Challenges for printing increased day-by-day, especially to those companies catering to corporates as well as retail markets. There is an unsaid rule in the printing industry, ‘Print More to Earn More!’ Printing companies love if their machines run day and night, but the problem they face is wastage of time in pre-print and post-print stages.

There is a lot of manual interaction in generating orders, receiving approvals, making changes, exchanging different versions, deliveries, generating invoices and payments, etc. Generally, the printer’s back office team is busier than the product team as the job to print should be ready without any error.

The biggest challenge is, be it a digital or an offset printing company, is that they require high-end desktop publishing software for producing final print-ready file which normally cannot be directly deployed on the web. With invention of PDF, buzzword of ‘w2p’ or ‘web to print’ technology started way back in the year 2008.

Web to Print Technology has evolved to a point where it is possible to generate Online Printing orders through web and to make sure that printing companies directly receive print-ready artwork files that can directly go for printing. There is no question of rejection of job as the customer inspects the final design online and agrees to take responsibility for any mistake he failed to notice or overlooked in the digital proof generated by the web to print software.

Idea is to bring the consumer's error-free order, with a payment, to the desk of printing company directly form web and by using online printing to reduce all pre-print and post-print administration task for the printer, so they can Print More To Earn More!

At Image Online, we have expertise from both the worlds - web and print, we researched extensively to produce an award-winning product, Flexi Web to Print, which is used by printing companies and corporates from all across the world to automate pre-print and post-print tasks & manage their online printing websites!

Overview, Features, Benefits, Live Demo and Pricing can be found on our product website Flexi Web to Print!

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