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Manufacturing is a complex activity. Most finished goods are a result of multiple processes, where raw materials are transformed into semi-finished ones and then assembled. The process starting with procuring raw-material, maintaining inventory, tracking production, maintaining efficiency, following order books, and managing delivery dates.

The entire process needs to be managed well, especially when your finished product is fed into your client's production as a raw material; or if the finished product is built using multiple raw materials sourced from different factories, locations, or vendors. It’s a process which should run in synchronisation.

For the management team, it is very important to track the efficiency of each machine and send out alerts for ordering raw materials based on minimum inventory level, while maintaining cash flows and profitability.

For back office/ admin and accounts teams, the process needs to be connected for seamless generation of Purchase Order, Invoices, Ledgers, and for Payment Management (payment reminders and calculation of interest on late payment, etc.).

Some organisations manage each of these manufacturing process using a different software. For example, accounting department works on separate accounting software which might not be talking to the raw-material procurement or order fulfilment software. This can be cumbersome and lead to bottlenecks.

What one needs is an Manufacturing ERP Enterprise Resource Planning module/ application for streamlining the manufacturing process. As a customised web application offering, Image Online has developed erp for manufacturing industry which results in reduction in wastage, timely delivery, and regular payment follow-ups. This helps the organisation enhance efficiency, revenue, and overall growth.

Key Features of Manufacturing ERP

  • Auto Generation of Purchase Order based on orders placed in the system and available inventory, both as finished goods and raw materials
  • Facility to manage the raw material inventory
  • Tracking output of each machine
  • Order fulfilment process
  • Generation of invoice based on the dispatched products
  • Payment management
  • Ledger generation
  • Calculation of interest on delayed payment
  • Payment follow ups
  • Profitability report
  • Machine efficiency report
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