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Customer is Queen, Treat Her Royally

Gone are the days of manufacturer-raj that were marked with mass selling of products without customisation. We live in a customer-first world. Today, customers prefer to buy product and services that are tailored to them, marketed to them, and that come with a promise of extended support.

However, for the manufacturer/ seller, the nature of support varies. As a seller, you need to first examine the quantum of support required, and if it can be considered as 'crucial support'. For example, if you are a CCTV camera supplier, and if you receive a complain that the recording has stopped, it is a threat to the client's security. Here, the support is ‘crucial’.

You also need to check if you can offer the support/ solve the problem online, or you need to send a representative on field? If it requires such a manual intervention, you have to check the number of products sold in that radius, frequency of support requests being generated and arrange to station a technical team in the area.

On the other hand, are you are selling a product that requires regular renewals, will clients have questions about their subscription? Are you selling technical products that warrant your intervention before the client can transact?

In all these cases, what you need is a simple Customer Complaint Management System / Support Ticket Management System for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer’s problem by way of online customer complaint management system. Even if you have multiple locations, multiple people on the field, and a wide range of products, you need to implement a customised ticketing system. It helps in a way that your support interaction is done at one place and this way centralised communication can flow seamlessly while being customised and efficient.

Customer are now using multiple channels for raising their support request. Modes like your website, email, social media handles, third-party review websites, etc. Your first task is to funnel all these requests into your customer complaint management system.

At the same time, your support team needs to be trained, aware, and ready with the information and tools they need to guide the client. At the end of the day, everyone involved in customer service ticketing system process works with the goal of giving what the customer wants, in an easy and quick manner.

We worked with client's complete complaint management system / support ticket management system and developed a high-level module based on the number of products, ground staff, as well as online support executives engaged. Our client’s intervention falls in the ‘crucial support’ category. Their support division services thousands of Annual Maintenance Contracts each year.

Our client required much more than a customer complaint management solution. Once implemented fully, our solution helped the client manage their support request flawlessly. The complaint management system helped them identify and troubleshoot chronic issues and areas. Consequently, they have been managed to reduce the total number of requests and enhance operational efficiencies while achieving customer delight.

Key Features of Complaint Management System Support Ticket Management System

  • Facility to raise a support ticket from different channels like web, mobile and social media
  • Facility to add multiple support personnel with head of team to assign the ticket
  • Ability to manage multiple products
  • Manual as well as Auto assignment of the customer service ticket to particular support executive based on category of the ticket
  • Facility to define escalation matrix
  • Alert if there is a surge in requests for a specific issue
  • Support team efficiency report with MIS about individual agent performance
  • Strict alert and reminders on unresolved customer service tickets
  • Support Ticket Application Dashboard for support teams to give them statistics about the tickets they have to attend for the day, their priority and seriousness
  • Alert to customers on status of their ticket with the complete thread to bring/ transparency
  • Auto reminders to clients about DIY maintenance tips, and AMC renewal reminders
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