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Today, most websites are being developed using easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) which allows site owners to manage their websites without learning code or approaching a web developer.

While WordPress is the most popular CMS because of its ease of use, deployment, countless templates, and thousands of plug-ins, it is suited for small to med-level websites, blogs, and smaller ecommerce stores.

However, when you want to expand your site, or are looking to build a publication site online, with lots of articles updated/ added every day, you need a full-fledged portal or ecommerce site that can also incorporate social networking. For such applications, Joomla Content Management System could be best suited.

While Joomla gives site owners the ease of use like in WordPress, it also gives more flexibility to Joomla web developer to build powerful custom content management systems depending on the client’s exact need.

Choosing the right content management system is always a challenge. But at Image Online we have Joomla Development services Division, once you share your exact requirements, we can guide you on what will suit you best, WordPress or Joomla Content Management System.

Based on our vast experience, across the three popular Content Management Systems (CMS) WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, here are some features to prove why we recommend Joomla website development

Ease of Use

Joomla Admin can be used by site owners without any technical knowledge

Social Networking

It’s easier to add on social network for your website using Joomla Web Development

Ecommerce WebSites

With Joomla's ecommerce website plugin, one can setup a complete store quickly. Its robust plug-ins help in running huge online selling sites.

Large Format Content

It’s also widely used when you have multiple authors adding multiple articles in different categories. It can expand as per the size of the content.


Just like other popular content management systems, Joomla too is not short of frontend themes for a wide range of sectors.

At Image Online, we have mastered platforms that runs on PHP/ MYSQL and have wide exposure to many content management sites built using Joomla web development.

As Joomla gives more flexibility to Joomla web developers, we can also use Joomla framework for different website applications. Our Joomla web developers team at Image Online knows exactly which part of Joomla framework can be merged with their custom code so that they build a best in quality, highly cost-effective solutions in the shortest possible time.

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