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As the entire off-line and real world is moving towards virtual online world, buying, selling and conducting an online business using ecommerce is no longer novel, in fact it is imperative.

Image Online website development company offers a full-fledged back-end support for established as well as startup ecommerce website development, design & ventures planning to outsource these services. Over the years, Image Online also an ecommerce development company has built a reputation for itself as a complete web fulfilment house offering crucial back-end support for maintaining and updating online businesses & ecommerce website design

As a part of this ecommerce website development service, Image Online undertakes a complete study of the ecommerce project, sets benchmarks for daily updating needs, and engages the requisite resources for programming, digital marketing consultant and similar assignments for creating an ecommerce website for your business.

The entire assignment is conducted under the supervision of a senior project leader, who is supported by a website developer , ecommerce developer & technical team.

An ecommerce website is generally divided into three sections:

Product Catalog

This section allows you to enter unlimited products using a main and sub category (if any). You can enter images (if any), product description and price of the product. Using an Administrator login, you can even add, edit or delete any of the products.

Shopping Cart / Query Cart

This section allows your customer to select multiple items from your ecommerce website's product catalog. He can see the added items and the total cost he needs to pay - all in real-time.

Payment Gateway

This module allows your customer to pay online using their credit cards, debit cards or Internet banking facilities. You need to select a payment gateway to tie-up with (pay their charges and fees, etc.). We will help integrate the cart with the payment gateways you select.

Doing Online business using ecommerce website are definitely more cost effective than your physical retail stores. The challenge lies in giving your users a personalised touch, attracting them towards a product, generating trust, accepting payments and delivering on time (logistics). Moreover, these are compounded when reaching out to customers across the world.

All these processes require significant investments in IT setup, infrastructure, Digital Marketing services and the management and maintenance of the ecommerce website.

After studying your products, we as an ecommerce development company help you select an Open Source E-commerce framework built on PHP / MYSQL such as Magento , VirtueMart, osCommerce etc and our PHP developer customise it to replicate the way you deal with customers in your brick and mortar shop. We can integrate all Indian payment gateways as well as most of the reputed international payment gateways.

We ourselves are into the ecommerce and online printing business since 1997 and understand the entire process well enough to provide you all the information… FREE!

Just write to us for a Free Consultation.

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