Web Outsourcing Process

Our outsource web development model is not based on typical “only provide infrastructure” or “you control our web developer team remotely” model that merely provides you the infrastructure and technical team and asks you to do the rest.

outsource web development is a vast and intricate field. But, as a company policy, we strictly accept only those types of web outsourcing projects that fall under our areas of expertise such as website design, web development, mobile application development and all other, listed under services we provide.

Secondly, we do not supply manpower alone. We accept end-to-end web outsourcing solution requirements and bring to you, unmatched design, development, maintenance, and project management skills.

Simply put, it is not like renting a car where you drive and pay the rent only; in fact it is like hiring a well-maintained vehicle with a highly skilled chauffeur who will ensure that you reach your final destination in the shortest possible time.

With Our outsource web development services Whether you understand the Web technicalities involved or not; based on your expectations we help you zero in on:
  • The Web technology to be employed
  • The Web outsourcing plan (Fixed price, Per hour or Per person per month Basis)
  • The time frame required (if the scope is fixed)
  • Phases for which a particular specialist will need to be involved
When you Opt for our complete website design, mobile application development or outsource web development plan We ensure that you don't end up paying for a full month when you need a Web designer / web developer only for a week. Our process is set not keeping in mind what suits us, but its completely flexible and based on what suits your project, time line and budget.
We follow a simple but systematic process
  • At Image Online all outsource web development projects requirements are first studied by key project leaders. Based on the scope (fixed / Variable), we suggest our flexible cost plans of per hour, per person per month or fixed price.
  • After approval, our web developer / PHP developer team commences work on the project under the guidance and supervision of a dedicated project leader. The project lead will also be your single point of contact for any kind of requirement, progress, testing, changes, etc.
  • If your project involves Website Design, Website Development, CSS, HTML, XML, XHTML, Bootstrap, AJAX, Javascript Angular JS, Progressive App, Node.js , IONIC & codeigniter or any other specific expertise you do not need to worry about hiring separate resources.
  • We employ an efficient matrix organisational structure whereby a specialist (website developer) can come into the project purview for a temporarily requirement and provide assistance. This way, we ensure that your project does not go on hold, or is billed unnecessarily.
  • Based on the size of a project, a weekly, bi-monthly (or as mutually agreed) updates are sent throughout the project’s life cycle.
  • The project is uploaded on our server for time-to-time (for testing).
  • Depending on size and number of people involved, Bug Tracking tool is also set.
  • Whether you are a consultant, a company, an investor investing in an Internet venture or someone planning to outsource a small or large web based project - you are on the right page! Talk to us!
Countries We Serve
  • India
  • USA
  • UK
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • UAE
  • France
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