Transport Management System

If You Can Track It, You Can Transform It

We live in a connected world, and our transportation and logistics sector is reaping the technological dividends. From cars and trains to public transport buses and trucking fleets, everything is connected and track-able through GPS.

Fleet Management operators stay connected to their drivers using mobile devices, allowing them to make timely and data-driven decisions. Based on the on-ground developments and emerging scenarios, critical business decisions are now possible.

While most GPS tracking systems for transport industry come with supportive web/ mobile based Fleet Management solutions, there is a possibility of extending their functionalities and applicability for incorporating more administration and MIS reporting features with Complete Fleet Management system In Place.

As a part of transport management system, the back-office team has to work on routes, trips, accounting of expenditures, driver's performance, fuel consumption, spare parts required in each vehicle after a trip. These metrics are required for schedule pre-announced trips on busy routes as well as regular routes. However, these functionalities are generally not a part of the bundled GPS tracking software, whose core function is to only track the vehicle in real-time.

At Image Online, we provide custom web application development services for transport management System / fleet management companies. Our Fleet Management Solutions can be integrated into your existing systems using an API provided by your GPS tracking system.

Our Vehicle Fleet Management solutions have helped users improve across several parameters. Client using our web application for transport management system have reported marked improvement in operational efficiency and back office management.

The insights and MIS is allowing business owners make key decisions about continuing/ extending/ scrapping specific routes. It has also helped companies scale-up by leveraging untapped potential and routes that were otherwise not in consideration. These solutions are also supported by an Android-based transport management app for mobiles which is used by most of the humans engaged in the Fleet Management / transport management system.

Key features of customised Transport Management System

  • Fleet management
  • Driver and staff management
  • Scheduling trips
  • Tracking trips
  • Tracking fuel and other expenses
  • Tracking and grading driver performance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Spare part management
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