Till You Can’t Track It, You Can’t Manage It

The digital world is fast changing. Keeping track of the trends and behavioural biases is a full-time job. Rarely do online advertisement efforts become instant hits. Hence, while setting up a digital marketing campaigns a lot of efforts go into analysing, researching, content writing, and creating the advertisement. Hence, it is very important to monitor the results these efforts bring, so as to tweak the Digital Marketing campaigns towards success.

While free efforts can be monitored using onboard analytical tools, paid ones need to be monitored more carefully. This can be done through manual intervention, by using a tracking code inserted by the digital marketing company. This helps match the results claimed by the publisher v/s the actual results.

Google displays your advertisement on keywords opted by you. However, based on the type of parameters you selected for a wider reach, it also creates search terms that might not be the right keywords for you. However, if a user clicks it, you are charged. Google expects you to visit the dashboard and select if these auto-generated search terms are Negative Keywords. This is a manual task and can reduce your advertisement cost considerably.

Facebook on the other hand, offers excellent visibility, if that’s the only goal. Otherwise, it is extremely important to check the performance of each creative/ advertisement and tweak it to bring better performance and reduce costs.

At Image Online Digital Marketing company, we provide paid advertisement monitoring service and generate performance reports for your campaigns. Our Goal is to enhance your ROI – by reducing spends and by bringing in more leads.

In the process, we recommend tweaks for your creatives. We also communicate digital marketing campaign performance and check if there any changes in your goal or target audience. Once you share your expectations, we deal with it technically through the paid advertisement platforms as a scope of our digital marketing services.

With Image Online's Digital marketing Solutions, you can focus on your core business because your digital marketing monitoring is in safe hands. Our professionals know how paid digital marketing advertising works!

Our Digital Marketing Monitoring Service Includes

Campaign Monitoring Google Paid Advertising

  • Add Negative Keywords
  • Monitor Campaign
  • Change Bidding (if required)
  • Edit the Ad (if required)
  • Preparing Performance Report

Campaign Monitoring Facebook Paid Advertising

  • Monitor Campaign
  • Change Bidding (if required)
  • Edit the Ad (if required)
  • Preparing Performance Report

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