Online Order Processing and Management System

Breeze Through Bulk Orders

These are interesting times for companies selling online. Thanks to factors like the Internet penetration, acceptance of ecommerce, online payments, and the emergence of strong marketplaces, that traders and manufacturer are generating bulk orders.

However, processing or fulfilling such orders can be tricky. Most customer pays in advance and the key reason for buying online is the discounted cost and the promise of a fast delivery. Consequently, some companies receive over 1000 orders a day, originating from different parts of the world, for delivery to any part of the country, and all of them expect the delivery immediately.

That's just the beginning. You are responsible for the safest and fastest delivery of these product, right at the customer's doorstep, while providing customer support at each stage. Each order has a unique delivery location and most customers are retail customers, who are permanently anxious. While logistics networks are taking shape, no single provider has the bandwidth or reach to service all locations in the country.

This means you have to appoint different logistics partners based on their strength WRT the zone they cater to. Still, there might be certain remote regions where no private logistics partner delivers, and you have to use the national Speed Post Service. All of this needs to be done in the most cost-effective manner.

Sometimes, you cannot alone fulfil the volume and need to enter into a fulfilment arrangement with a supplier/ franchise. Here, you only source the product from them, while you manage the logistics and online payment collection management.

This is where you need a web application development company that can customise an online bulk order management system from start to end. At Image Online, we have worked with clients for developing customised web applications for processing over 1000 orders a day.

Key Features of Online Order Processing and Management System

  • Facility to post bulk orders
  • Orders can be posted through manual interface, uploaded through a spreadsheet, or posted to the system using an API
  • More than 1000 orders (minimum) can be processed at a time
  • Once orders are posted into the system, it auto-forwards them to various suppliers based on the order assignment rules set within the system
  • Facility to setup the order forwarding rules are based on Client, Product, Product Price, etc.
  • Facility for suppliers to download the orders in spreadsheet format
  • Suppliers will dispatch the orders and upload the order file into the system with the shipping tracking number
  • System will send tracking code to the respective client
  • System will show amount due to suppliers, based on the agreed rates
  • Generation of the profitability report based on all transactions processed through the system
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