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The Internet is a source of endless knowledge in the form of words, images, and videos. This vast amount of information is available in a semi-structured form. We see it mainly as HTML pages, giving links to all sorts of universally supported resources like document and videos.

Over the years, the Internet has influenced every industry and domain. Education is no different. Most institutes of mid and higher learning have adopted web technologies to disseminate information, promote themselves, and market their educational services and products. There's no doubt that if this information is presented in a structured manner, it has the power to educate masses across the world.

The system used to disseminate this knowledge online is called Learning Management System, widely known as e learning. This is why Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) was invented as an online education learning Management System.

Moodle Learning Management System helps authors develop courses, manage modules, and create an interactive online environment to connect teachers and students. Moodle plug-ins allow blended training which is a combination of digital online media with traditional classroom methods.

Moodle Learning Management System also supports flipped classrooms, where the content delivery is done online. E learning programs can be used to facilitate distance learning and Moodle-based portals find applications in most workplaces and sectors including school, colleges, and universities imparting higher and vocational education.

At Image Online, Moodle developed in PHP/MySQL is our passion, while working on e learning projects. We have created customised Moodle-based learning management systems and are well-equipped to attend to all types of distance learning needs.

Based on projects we worked, we have listed down few key features of Moodle LMS for your quick reference.

  • Support for unlimited number of courses
  • Facility for free as well as paid subscription to the courses
  • Easy-to-use teaching management solution
  • Facility to embed any type of media (e.g. images, documents, or videos) in the content
  • Facility for online tests
  • Support for multiple type of questions
  • Auto grading of the participants
  • Progress report and tracking for each participant
  • Facility to create multiple user roles with specific permissions
  • Compatibility with open standards in the learning management system e.g. IMS-LTI, SCORM
  • Support for tools like Opinion Polls, Quizzes, Discussion Forums, and Event Calendar
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