Digital Lead Management System

Automate Lead Management To Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

Today, along with our traditional offline modes of lead generation system, we also have multiple digital/ virtual lead generation channels. Moreover, offline efforts like print advertisements, exhibitions, and events oftentimes lead visitors to your website, who end up filling the online form on your contact us page.

Yes, the digital space has opened up many new sources of lead generation. Channels such as paid advertisements, social media posts, web-based chats, webinars, landing pages, online lead generation forms, blogs, online PR, influencer marketing, and geo-graphically targeted banner ads etc., are all examples. In addition, you still have leads from direct phone calls, events, exhibitions, etc.

It is evident that most businesses devote a lot of time and energy towards sales and marketing, so as to generate solid leads. But are they doing enough to make the most of these leads?

Digitally captured leads might not convert immediately. The prospect is looking at information. From you, from your competitors, and the world wide web. He will compare and evaluate before deciding. As a marketer, your job is to remain ahead of your competition by tracking and reminding the prospect about your proposition. Hence, the need of the hour is a robust Marketing Automation/ Digital Lead Management System / customer relationship management system

Since lead generation differs from industry to industry, at Image Online, we work with you to first understand your business. We start by listing all the sources of your leads, offline as well as online. We then plan a strategy to design and implement a digital lead management system / customer relationship management system to automate your marketing/ follow up tasks that tell you in real-time about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Key Features of a Digital Lead Management System / customer relationship management system

  • Management and listing of sources of leads
  • Listing online platforms, social media networks, paid advertisements – examine possibility of integrating their lead generation API
  • Digitally capture leads and provide facility to import leads generated offline
  • Customise Lead Qualification Criteria
  • Use Quality Score to Filter out Junk Leads
  • Posting and notification of leads to specific sales team members based on speciality or hierarchy
  • Generating report on cost per lead and ROI in terms of revenue earned per lead
  • Based on Cost v/s ROI, modifying paid advertisement strategy and automatically dropping the lead source which is not producing results.

Our experience says that clients who used our customised digital lead management system / customer relationship management system managed to reduce their cost per lead and hence increase the revenue per genuine lead. At Image Online, we understand how digital marketing works, starting from using a website to generate leads, to capturing online leads from every channel possible.

Remember, our business is to bring business for you!

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