Flexible Options

Several organisation across domains, think of outsourcing non-core operations or projects. Outsourcing Web designing and web development is no exception.

At times, even technology companies need to consider outsource web development due to
  • Cost of infrastructure in their country
  • Scarcity of manpower
  • The nature of requirement - temporary requirements do not justify full time in house infrastructure
Reason for outsource web development is not only cost but also
  • Technical capabilities available elsewhere
  • Availability of competitive manpower
  • Frequency of requirement
  • Need for multiple domain expertise
  • Regular maintenance requirements and so on.

Located in Mumbai, INDIA We have been a global Web outsourcing company of choice since 1995. Through our expertise across thousands of Web designing and web development projects outsourced to us from all over the world, we very well understand that outsource web development does not mean “per person or per month” considerations. While most of our contemporaries simply publish technicality and their monthly rates, we focus on what the client really needs.

At Image Online, we provide Flexible outsource web development plans

Per Person Per Month

In case you are working on a huge ongoing web application development project, where the scope is fixed but you already know that you will need technical team for more than 3 months, we provide you this option. Since the scope is fixed, technical expertise is fixed and we mutually agree on the project time lines, this plan suits you the best.

Per Hour Basis

Some web designing / web development projects are technical in nature but they also need complex designing, CSS, or coding where it is only on an “as and when required basis”, you need not worry about hiring a web designer / web developer for a month in these cases. When you work with us for this kind of temporary requirements, we offer you a per hour cost and an inform you about the approximate number of hours required for the task.

Alternatively, if you are only looking at changes or bug fixing to be done on a LIVE website we can work on a per hour basis.

Fixed Price Project

Many a times, when scope is well defined and fixed and we mutually arrive at the requirements of the web design & web Development project - for e.g. say two website designer / website developer x two months. Then if you do not want to take a risk of a technical hitch arising during the process, we readily bear this risk and even suggest a Fixed Price Project. This is because, when it falls under our expertise we are 100% sure we can handle any kind of technical challenge.

Mix and Match

Sometimes the project requires web design, web development and ongoing maintenance (which is not fixed). We can start with a customised plan like

  • Per person - per month for web development
  • Per hour for web designing
  • Fixed price for layout designing and
  • Per hour for maintenance

Simply share your outsource web development requirements with us and we will ensure that we provide you the best quality, and the most cost effective plans for your needs.

Countries We Serve
  • India
  • USA
  • UK
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • UAE
  • France
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