Corporate Print Procurement Application

Streamline, Centralise, and Standardise Printing

As a corporate entity with operations and offices across multiple locations, your Corporate Print Procurement needs are varied and complex. From corporate stationery like letterheads to promotional materials like brochures and flyers, you need to print various things like packaging materials, branding materials, visiting cards, danglers, and more.

The challenge is managing these Corporate print Procurement orders being generated across multiple locations and for thousands of employees. Generally, MNCs struggle to find printing companies having pan-India presence. Needless to say, their printing cost goes shoots because of their multi-location presence and centralised printing.

Some companies attempt to setup their own in-house centralised print procurement division and mandates all branches and employees to approach them for their printing needs. Such a centralised print procurement division is generally run and managed by people who understand printing, but they still struggle with challenges like reducing wastage and lead time.

They receive multiple small orders with minor variations. For example, orders for sets of 100 business cards, for thousands of employees. While the name and contact details change, the paper quality, font, design, colours, and finishing remain fixed, as per the specifications set by the central brand team.

Sometimes, promotional materials need to be simultaneous delivered at different branches and locations across the country, so that a new product can have a synchronised pan-India launch. We are talking about large print quantities.

At Image Online, we understand the in and out of corporate and SME printing. We know that corporates need a web-based, centralised print procurement solution. Such an application requires expertise from both the worlds - web as well as print.

We are mindful that corporates have hierarchies and need branch-wise approvals for printing. To reduce lead time, they print in large quantities. But if a small detail, like a phone number or an address changes, the printed stock might go waste. Hence, the corporate Print Procurement system must be able to print on demand.

Our highly technical yet easy-to-use web-based corporate print procurement module is developed after over two decades of experience in printing, print technology, and web services.

Through an extensive study of open source customised web application development, we have created a module that works as a centralised print procurement system for SMEs and large corporates. The corporate Print Procurement system also acts as your design repositary which archives all your designs with specifications as per brand guidelines and makes it available to all who want to print it.

Key Features of Corporate Print Procurement Application

Define Multiple Users
  • Create Multiple Users
  • Define Roles and Responsibility
  • Define Single or Multiple Branches
Easy Order / Reorder Facility
  • Insert your fixed pre-approved rates with printing companies
  • Generate new orders and re-print orders from order history
  • Based on online editing rules, carry out minor textual modification and proofread online
  • Select single or multiple branch address and quantity to be dispatched to each branch
Post Sales
  • View and approve orders
  • Check the Order Status and view Invoice for completed jobs generated by printing company
  • Make online payments or set credit limit
  • Reports on branch-wise and design-wise orders generated and approved
  • Giving access to printing companies to maintain online accounting ledger

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