Setting Up

With Digital Marketing, Well Begun Is Half Done

In the digital world of marketing, getting off on the right foot is pretty important. The setting up stage for any PPC campaign management starts with an understanding of your products and services and analysing your target audience for readiness and responsiveness to Digital Marketing.

It is safe to say that Google adwords acts as the Single Largest Advertisement Distribution Company because of its Google AdSense Partner Network and its comprehensive content search capabilities. When a prospect keys-in a keyword, it displays your matching PPC text advertisement and/ or your PPC image display advertisements on its search pages as well as its search partner/ display network. PPC management services leads the prospect to your websites where the content is matching his query. This is why most of digital marketing Agency would recommend GOOGLE PPC adwords.

This way, by paying digital marketing company who are PPC experts for Google Advertisement (depending on your budget), you can reach your target audience as they surf channels like YouTube, where your PPC image display advertisements overlap video content matching the product and service you offer.

At the same time, Facebook allows advertisers to ‘micro-target’ by filtering audience based on Age, Gender, Interest, Location and even language. In addition, location can be further drilled down to country/ region/ suburb, even to the pin code level. You can also filter your TG by interests such as music, movies, printing, electronic and so on; though what you need here is professional digital marketing services and PPC management services offered by professional company

As these PPC campaign are paid advertisements, your linked credit card is charged for every click. This is based on the daily budget set by you. Hence, it is advisable to hire a professional digital marketing company & PPC google adwords agency so that you do not end up paying for something that is not relevant for your business.

In addition, Google PPC and Facebook have their own ways of setting up advertisements and independent tracking connected to a dashboard, which tells you if you generated the similar number of click as you are being charged for.

Here are a few questions that can crowd a client’s mind while considering PPC company / digital marketing by way of advertising on ‘single largest search network or human directory in the world
  • What could be my keywords?
  • How many PPC AdGroups will I need?
  • How many creatives will I have to design, and in which format?
  • How do I select my target audience?
  • How do I setup my Goals?
  • How do I track these efforts?

That’s where you need professional assistance. At Image Online Digital Marketing Company & PPC experts in Mumbai INDIA we manage everything and recommend the right budget. You connect your credit card and pay them directly. We only charge you only for the service. Not Per Click, Not Per Lead and Not on Performance. We make sure you get maximum leads, clicks, and orders.

PPC Management Services & the Setting Up Process Includes

Google AdWords Pay Per Click PPC Campaign Setup

  • Google Places creation (As per client needs)
  • Website analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis – Checking competitor project ads
  • Creating effective ads for PPC AdGroups
  • Setting up a Google AdWords Account
  • Setting the Digital Marketing campaign – create campaign name, AdGroups, add keywords, text ads, image advertisement, set budget, target locations, etc.
  • Add billing details, make the campaign live (billing details by client)
  • Generating conversion code for Thank You pages
  • Setting goals and funnels in analytics for tracking conversions
  • Re-marketing list creation
  • Re-marketing code integration

Facebook Campaign Set Up

  • Facebook Campaign / Facebook Advertisement
  • Checking competitor ads in Facebook
  • Creating Image Advertisement for each project
  • Creating Facebook pixel code for website
  • Implementing ads on Facebook pages
  • Testing the conversion and pixel tracking
  • Checking campaign performance

Digital Deep Dive

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