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Leverage Design Thinking - Don’t Compromise of User Experience

With the popularity of cloud computing, almost every desktop application is moving on the web. One of the key advantages of cloud environment is the anytime, anywhere accessibility. It also saves cost, as servers are generally managed by data centres, and you only pay for the usage, instead of building and maintaining dedicated IT infrastructure at your end.

However, desktop applications and web applications work on different technologies. When you move a native application to a cloud environment, you face challenges WRT maintaining the user experience. It is human nature to resist change. Especially when it disrupts every-day applications that have been in use for years.

“Not User-friendly Enough” is the classical feedback that companies get. This is because while some web application development vendors produce excellent code, they falter while recreating the user experience. It is not only about the code but the front web application screen that the end-user interacts with.

This is because most IT / website development companies do not see designing and development as separate skill sets. As a result, they are more passionate in migrating your existing web application on to the web, while missing out on the user interface and users experience aspect.

As a two-decade-old web application development company, Image Online has been living and breathing web technologies. From websites to web applications development and ecommerce portals to mobile applications, we have an unwavering focus on user experience and usability. We understand the importance of both - code as well as user experience and interface.

We believe that designing web application screens is a techno-creative task. That is why we have two separate divisions that work in-sync to develop highly functional, and easy-to-interact web applications. If you are facing usability challenges after migrating to a cloud environment, we are here to bridge the gap!


  • Share with us your current application desktop or web application development requirement
  • We study the current technology on which the legacy web application is running
  • We engage the end-user to understand their needs and comfort points with the existing user interface
  • We list down number of web application screens
  • Design process starts, and user website application user interface screens are shared
  • After your approval, we convert designs in the technical template format which can then be incorporated in the web application development coding
  • If you wish to do a separate project, we can work with your team till the final deployment and going LIVE!
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