School Transport Management System

Managing A School Bus Management System Is Now Child's Play

For security, safety, and as per government compliance rules for transportation of school students, almost every private school has to have a provision of in-house or third-party transportation service provider.

With GPS-tracking for school vehicle management , the management is in a better position to track each vehicle in real-time. But it is the responsibility of the operations team to transport thousands of children over multiple routes across suburbs/ areas/ locations within a few hours (the pick-up), and then do it again within a few hours (the drop), and then repeat the process for another shift. All of this can become a daunting task if attempted manually.

The other challenge is maintaining and managing student-wise transport fee records. Most schools extend the option of Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly payments. In case of a third-party school bus management transportation company, parents have to pay this fee separately. For the School transport management company, managing this becomes even more difficult as it accounts for thousands of renewals which could be 12 times a year based on the payment plan chosen.

The complexity doesn’t end there. Each year, one batch graduates, students get promoted, and a new batch joins at the entry level. Moreover, some students shift addresses, and there are ad-hoc dropouts and new admissions. For all of this, the transport division has to maintain the accurate and updated data for each student. This is where the need is for complete School Transport Management system.

For this kind of complex school Transport management system, Image Online can custom develop modules for web as well as mobile, wherein the school or vehicle management company can record
  • All the compliance-related information for the vehicle (registration, plan routine, etc.)
  • Connect the vehicle to the route
  • Maintain student details along with their fee and structure
  • Maintain student history
  • Data of driver
  • Vehicle-related consumption and expenses
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Earning per route, etc.

Key features for School Transport Management system

  • Vehicle Management with complete records of compliance document like permits, PUC, insurance, etc.
  • Driver and attendant records along with all onboard, off-board connected with each route and vehicle
  • Student management along with history, address, route, and accounting of transportation fee
  • Route management
  • Time table of schedule which can also be seen by parents on stops and arrival, departure time
  • Fuel consumption, daily expenditure like toll, spare parts, and maintenance records
  • MIS report about each route/ no. of buses/ no. of students with actual cost
  • Auto fee calculation based on formula like distance, student's grade, and route

The web version of School Transport Management system can also be extended to a mobile version with role-based login, so that all the information can be accessed by the management, admin, as well as parents using their smartphones.

Our web applications are developed using open source technology and so it is a one-time investment with reasonable Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for School Transport Management system & its web infrastructure like cloud hosting. This saves you the burden of software compliances and heavy annual license cost.

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