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While developing a customised web based HR Management System for a headhunting (recruitment) firm, we came across their bulk recruitment App requirements. Their team would receive mandates for hiring over 100 candidates at a time, and this would be an operational challenge.

For HR firms, more appointments mean more revenue, and they would like to do this most efficiently. However, it is not always feasible (or desirable) for a single firm to handle a mass recruitment drive because it is simultaneously engaged in delivering other senior-level mandates. Hence, they seek to collaborate with external partners for sourcing candidates.

Such a bulk recruitment drive requires collaboration with franchises and online job portals in addition to the organic sourcing. To manage this, a firm needs skill like planning, sourcing, screening, interviewing and finally placing a candidate on the job. And all of this has to be done at a scale!

This is where you need a recruitment app solution for bulk recruitments. Here, the headhunting firm acts as a facilitator - between the client and multiple sources of acquiring candidate data. This way, you are able to source more, screen more, and eventually hire more candidates – thereby adding to your revenue.

At Image Online, we leverage our expertise and preference for open source solutions and customise web based HR Management System to meet the client’s need of sourcing a large no. of relevant candidates, within the shortest possible time.

Based on the brief, we can develop a web-based bulk recruitment app, along with supporting mobile app for iOS and Android, that candidates can use for uploading their details and their resume.

Key Features of Bulk Recruitment App / HR Management System

  • Management of multiple franchises and recruiters
  • Management of the client
  • Management of the pay-out criterion for the client and recruiters
  • Auto generation of the invoice based on pay-out criterion and joining date of the candidate
  • Candidate search
  • Candidate interview and joining process
  • Franchise-wise performance report

For this kind of HR Management System, we opt for a Hybrid Mobile application. This way you can cover popular OS like iOS and Android. The ease of sourcing information is at the core while developing a mobile app for bulk requirements, as most candidates have smartphones.

In addition to the bulk requirements, we can also custom develop recruitment app for HR firms engaged in executive headhunting as well.

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