ERP For Trading Company

Enterprise Resource Planning System That Streamline Trading Operations

Use of technology for logistics, procurement, and manufacturing has ushered the next industrial revolution. Mass production in these countries had attracted and encouraged traders from across the world, who bulk-import assortment of these products for sales in their own country.

Many traders have successfully implemented such models and grow at tremendous speed. From one product from one factory, to thousands of products being sourced from hundreds of locations across the globe. The mantra for success in this space is volume and speed.

You benefit from the economies of scale but cannot afford to lock-up your working capital. Inventory should be fast moving. In this scenario, you have to build strong local distribution channels and have a retail sales force of your own.

Large traders leverage their offline channels and online efforts to generate thousands of orders each day. Managing such a volume and complexity can be difficult when you are sending quotes based on rates offered by a vendor. Some have standard price lists while others need confirmation for the same.

Amidst all the complexity, your complete procurement fulfilment cycle should run in synchronisation with processes like managing Purchase Orders, maintaining Product Inventory, Generating Quote, Processing Orders, Invoicing, final Delivery, managing Payables, and Receivables.

What you really need here is an Enterprise Resource Planning System customised and developed for traders dealing in products sourced from a factory or from an importer. Or when you are directly selling multiple products through online marketplaces.

At Image Online, we constantly work towards developing open source software which runs on the cloud and only requires a web browser. We have developed a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning System / ERP for trading company for clients engaged in trading business.

With supply coming on time, the updated inventory status is readily available. This also allows complete control on payments and collections. With the back-end processes running smoothly, you can focus on promoting and selling, which is your core activity.

Key Features of Effective Resource Planning / ERP Application for Traders

  • Management of the Factories/ Vendors/ Suppliers/ Manufactures
  • Facility to generate the purchase order for products to respective sources
  • Management of the product inventory
  • Management of product list
  • Management of end clients
  • Facility to send online quotation to clients
  • Facility to send pro-forma invoice, invoice, and delivery challan to clients
  • Payment management
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