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Out of the many wonderful things that Digital Marketing offers, its unrestricted reach is probably the most significant. Never before was it possible for small and mid-sized businesses to advertise at such a scale. But, how can you be sure that you are indeed reaching out to the right audience? What if you are just firing aimlessly? Be it Free or Paid, if your efforts are attracting traffic that is not converting to leads, or if visitors are leaving our website in just 10 seconds, it is a waste of serious efforts and resources!

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers options such as Search Engine Optimization, Email Campaigns, Social Media Posts, PR Articles, Submission to Multiple Blogs, Link Building, and paid marketing such as Google advertising and Facebook advertising , etc. Without monitoring, we cannot conclude if it is the paid marketing efforts or the simple email campaigns that are bringing results. It’s very important to answer what worked and what did not. This is were you need professional digital marketing company

Moreover, these advertisements are displayed on different devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Monitoring performance helps digital marketing company tweak your website, content, and creatives as per the device/s that our target audiences are using. It also helps us learn about the popular web pages, traffic source, visit duration, pages visited, entry and exit pages, etc. This helps us map the user journey and tweak the website to enhance stickiness.

Professionally studied analytics is like a path for your digital marketing efforts if coded correctly by the digital marketing company. You can conclude yourself if any of the digital marketing efforts are to be stopped or paused if they are not performing as expected. The subsequent savings can be used to double up investments on other channels that are bringing better results.

Running a digital marketing campaign without monitoring/ analytic is like just driving a car on the highway, in the middle of the night, without a headlight. In order to steer your activities, you must see where your digital marketing efforts are headed. Are they pointing in the right direction? Are they likely to bring you enough results in terms of visibility, leads, or performance?

At Image Online, as your Digital Marketing agency , we work with you on analysing your efforts. As it is a technical subject, we develop an intuitive dashboard that highlights the data that matters and is required to make decisions about digital marketing spends. For example, if you are selling a product online, our web development team sets up the dashboard to offer product-wise information about the contribution of each channel in terms of no. of orders and revenue.

Leaving a digital marketing campaign unmonitored can lead to unwanted spends. Hence, professional monitoringby digital marketing agency and analytics-based insights are required to bring efficiency. Our web development team will track each of your advertisements and provide easy-to-use reports from all channels. You do not need to visit each of them or study their complex reports individually.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions Includes

  • Setting Up Analytical Tool/ Code to connect to your website
  • Setting Up Tracking Code and connecting it to the Analytical Tool for each of the digital marketing campaign type such as Email Campaign, Blogs, PR Releases, etc.
  • Setting up Paid Advertisement Campaign and connecting their code with our Analytical Tool
  • Setting up Analytical Tool provided by each platforms like Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising
  • Offering a consolidated report on dashboard
  • Providing you with smart matrix for you to take a final decision

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