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Web site design company with professional web designers for website designing and web developers for web development.
Web site design company with professional web designers for website designing and web developers for web development.

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Uniform Design

Most of the businesses that opt for the Internet as a marketing medium are existing businesses. These are established companies, either designing their website for the first time or re-designing their existing website. Either ways, they already have their corporate identity elements such as a logo, a corporate color, text and product / facility images, etc. What they expect is a fresh web presence.

On the other hand, startups look for a comprehensive corporate identity creation module. They generally do not have any contemporary marketing material. Hence, they need most forms of promotional material – like brochures, presentation and even a website.

A company’s first point of communication is its name and the corporate logo, followed by corporate stationery material like business cards, letterheads and envelopes. Promotional material like brochures, websites, corporate presentations, advertisements for print, large format printing and designing for exhibitions, etc., are the next set of requirements.

While trying to create a brand identity and aiming for a brand recall, it is critical to maintain uniformity across promotional materials. It is not advisable to involve multiple partners while creating your company’s identity, i.e. getting a logo designed from one agency, a business card from some printing company and then a website form a third web agency, is not recommended. This is because everyone works on their individual focused service and there is no synchronization among your business communications.

Yes, it can be difficult to find a single agency that can provide you everything - from logo designing, business cards, envelopes, and letterheads, to brochures, PPTs and websites. Of course, you can go to an established advertising agency that can provide you all the services, but their costs can be very steep! Here is where Image Online steps in.

If you are a small or medium enterprise, or an individual consultant, looking for an agency-quality output at reasonable rates, we act as a one-stop solution for everything from logo designing to website designing and stationery designing to marketing materials designing.

We can also connect you to third party copywriters (web content writers) that work closely with us. These writers are thoroughly trained for the process of creating keyword rich web content for your Search Engine Optimization needs. They specialize in writing intriguing web and advertising content that not only tells, but also sells!

You simply need to explain your business, your target audience, your target market and your business goal. We will tell you exactly what you need!

To start off, we send to you a logo brief form for understanding your expectations from the logo unit. Once the logo is finalized, we start working the on the stationery design. Uniformity is then followed across website designing, presentations and brochures.

Finally, when you present your business proposition to a prospect, he will recollect all your business communications and your products and services.

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